About us

Our vision is to provide high quality products around the world to support the Pharmaceutical Industry in making compounds free of errors and establishing a community with risk free medical treatment. Reference Standards are the supporting blocks of the medical industry, and our initiative is to contribute the best we can to enable the functioning of proper and reliable treatment.

High regulations, product availability, as well as, the passion of thinking innovatively fuels our mission at the Veeprho Group. We have also strategically developed our brand to ensure utmost quality in our products and regulatory compliances,  with a cost-efficient plan, which can help our customers meet their necessities in a productive manner, ultimately allowing us to provide our products/services at competitive rates. This is possible by our cutting-edge technology, and by bringing out the best capabilities of our highly qualified team.

Growing with values is something we do not cease to uphold in our organization. We attribute our functioning by the people we have, the free and nurturing work environment, and by the collective support within our organization. VEEPRHO firmly believes that its strength lies within the talent it attracts and retains. Whether it is through robust Performance Management systems, Formal Learning and Development processes or Career Planning Processes, the attempt is always to develop individuals who can build an aggressive, growth-oriented environment.

Our team also works closely with clients to provide tailored solutions throughout entire project cycles, so we deliver our services/products as per project needs. Our purpose is to provide critical products needed in the Pharmaceutical industry in a time effective manner. 

Quality is our number one priority, while making the most of ambition:  both, of yours and ours

What we do:

We are a global researcher, manufacturer and supplier of Impurity Reference Standards for the Pharmaceutical industry. We are involved in the research, development, and distribution of synthesized impurities, metabolites, intermediates, and API’s with custom synthesis.  

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Veeprho's Stock

We have synthesized more than 5000 impurities as on date

Cost Effective Scientific Solution

As we produce in grams, our prices are most competitive around the world

Certified Impurity Standards

All VEEPRHO products are supplied with certificates of analysis.


Certified by ISO, GMP, OHSAS and many more